LULY is completely reliant on individuals, churches and charitable  foundations for support. LULY is a registered charity in Massachusetts and is also currently linked to the D.M. Stearns Missionary Fund (!) to provide accountability and 501(c)3 status for donors who wish a tax deductible receipt for the their generosity. As a faith-based ministry, the D.M. Stearn Missionary Fund takes no percentage from donations to meet its operating expenses. The fund was established by the Reverend Daniel D.M. Stearn (1845-1920). A board of trustees overseas the distribution of the funds that are audited annually by Tait Weller of Philadelphia. The fund’s tax I.D. number is available upon request.

  • For U.S. citizens who need a tax deductible receipt, please send your contribution payable to The D.M. Stearns Missionary Fund, Inc., P.O. Box 1578, North Wales, PA 19454. Kindly include a note “recommending” that the proceeds be granted by the Fund to LULY #246, followed by your name or signature. This extra step will insure that due process has been followed to make your contribution a deductible event under the current U.S. tax code.
  • If you do not need a tax deductible receipt, the options are: SEND YOUR CHECK to: LULY
    C/O Teddy Sayonkon
    82 Brick Kiln Rd 2302
    Chelmsford, MA 01824
  • DONATE using a credit or debit card or PayPal.

LULY and the children of Liberia thank you for your generous donation and express our heartfelt appreciation for your support.


Lifting up Liberian Youths (LULY) is a Christian ministry and humanitarian aid organization, founded by Liberian native Teddy Sayonkon. Our vision is to become a globally recognized organization which is committed to raising affluent young Liberians into global prominence...Read More

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